Free internet with high technology

The “Digital Cities” project aims to provide digital inclusion
and free internet access for citizens.

Using pre-WIMAX high performance technology, the Alias Digital Net
enables the expansion of wireless broadband for voice, data and image
transmission with complete security, also covers areas that are difficult
operadoras locais.

Check out the benefits of “Digital Cities”
  Education: High-speed broadband in schools and day-care centers of the de  educational system, which enables the use of video-clases, training,  courses and research, contributing to the citizens formation.

  Administrative Secretaries: speed, efficiency and security in the exchange  of information with the complete integration of Public Management.


Health: complete management of the main assets of the Health Department with a single data base, optimizing citizen care.

  Security: creation of a surveillance network through the deployment of  security cameras, traffic and wireless monitoring, with transmission and  recording for units and security agencies.

Get to know some cities where Alias has worked
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